(TECHique  MOdern  JAzz)

embodies Kevin’s vision as an artist by creating a space where those who may not be apt to contribute to the public conversation verbally can do so physically and visually. Through movement, our individual social and historical fibers are given new sheen and perspective.

Founded as an inclusive and diverse dance company in 2009, Techmoja was born from the multi-year partnership between choreographer Kevin Lee-Y Green and his mother, Donna Joyner Green, an arts administrator and culture bearer. The two forged a unique collaboration that continues to influence the evolution of the group and it’s growing audience today.

More recently, Techmoja expanded its reach by collaborating with a variety of partners and presenters to create greater exposure to the arts, especially among urban and rural youth of color. Our project with Dreams Center for Art Education in Wilmington, North Carolina, for instance, strengthens youth interest in and participation in dance, creating a space for students and their families to engage with dance artists and each other.

is a native of Bolivia, North Carolina (population 143) and a graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts where he studied contemporary dance and ballet. Over a 15-year career, he has worked with acclaimed dance artists including: Rosie Herrera, Sidra Bell, Camille A. Brown, David Parsons, Clay Taliafero, Sean Sullivan (Limon), Dianne Markham (Louis & Nikolai), and Brenda Daniels (Cunningham). He is the founder of Techmoja Dance and Theater Company— an inclusive and diverse dance company created in partnership with his mother, community leader, and culture bearer Donna Joyner Green.


The mission of Techmoja is to enliven community, create a deep sense of cultural understanding, and connect people across boundaries through the creative process and performance of dance. Through exemplary dance Techmoja brings people together, enriches communities, and centers diversity as a positive social value.


Under Kevin's guidance, Techmoja recently launched performances at several stagings: Dixon Place in NYC; NC Dance Festival in Greensboro, North Carolina; Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington, North Carolina; and opened for renowned composer Daniel Bernard Roumain.

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