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"Director and choreographer Kevin Lee-y Green’s production offers heartfelt moments (I was moved when Colby Lewis as the Tin Man sang “What Would I Do If I Could Feel”) and hilarity (a fluid Keith Welborn as the Scarecrow upped the fun quotient significantly)."


"Still, there is a monumentally impressive factor running throughout the entire production: Kevin Lee-y Green’s choreography. It was energetic, percussive, pleasing and used up the entire stage. Most exciting of all: It was well executed. The cast pulled it off in tune and on time, moving together as one rhythmic force."

                           ENCORE MAG

"Helmed by director and choreographer Kevin Lee-y Green, Wilmington’s latest revival of “Jesus Christ Superstar” is a highly entertaining and provocative version of the original."

                                   WSN NEWS

"From stellar vocal performances to some physically demanding choreography, the show, directed by Kevin Lee-y Green for his own Techmoja Dance and Theatre Co., is simply a joy to witness. Credit should go to the young director Green for coaxing these performances out of his actors.
Green is a very creative director, and nightclub sequences set in Harlem’s old Cotton Club have a fun and playful sense of flow."

                              STAR NEWS

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